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Resources for MDG 1 (Eradicate Poverty & Hunger)

Fact: A billion people worldwide still survive on less than a dollar a day.  Could you?

Probably not, so why expect others to do so?

Is anybody doing anything to eradicate poverty and make the world a better place?  The answer is YES!

At the United Nations Millennium summit in 2000, 189 Heads of State and Governments pledged to work together to make a better world for all by 2015.  On behalf of their people, they signed the Millennium declaration, which promises to free men, women and children from the dehumanizing conditions of extreme poverty and make the right to development a reality for everyone.  Development is about freedom from misery and suffering, from hunger, from illiteracy, from disease, from poor housing and insecurity. The absence of respect, dignity and choice is what poverty is all about.

Each goal has been designed so that it is easy to understand and measure.  Given all of the resources, technology and know-how our governments have at their disposal, it shouldn’t be a problem to achieve these goals by 2015, should it?

*Cyber School Bus Website


Cyber School Bus:


Feed The Children:

End Poverty 2015:

Countdown to 2015:


Kimmie Weeks (Child Rights Activist, founder of Youth Action International):

watch video:

Matt Flannery (Co-Founder of Kiva):

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