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Be the Change - mp3 download
Change the World 4-Ever - mp3 download
Dream Project - mp3 download
It is Possible with Versus - mp3 download
Start with Me - mp3 download
Theme Song - mp3 download
We Can Turn it Around - mp3 download
CD-(MDG music written by Dream Project Students) - $4.44 - Buy Now

Time Travel - Audio - 4 tracks download - $4.44 - Buy Now

DVD - MOVIE - "Will You Listen?" - $8.88 - Buy Now

Award winning documentary made about the MDGs by high school students.

8-Day MDG Intensive - $19.95 - Buy Now

The 8-day Dream Project Intensive is designed to give students an immersion and introduction to the Dream Project and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). This program can either be implemented as 8 consecutive days or it can be done once a week for eight weeks. It is recommended that the teacher begin with the Human Rights Curriculum as a warm-up prior to jumping into this intensive.

This version of the curriculum is complete unto itself, however, if the teacher decides to continue with the Dream Project they can begin the 12- week (or year-long) version of the curriculum and/or if the teacher feels their students are ready they can move right into a week-long series of presentations of the Reports (see 34-36), followed by Service Learning Projects (see page 27 in the Dream Project Curriculum). The resources (internet links) suggested in each day’s lesson plan are provided to give the teacher a reference to research each of the MDGs prior to each class. The teacher might also give the links to the students as part of class time research or as homework to enhance learning about each goal. If the teacher prefers to spend class time focusing on research on each MDG, then simply substitute the leadership activities in each lesson plan for research on the internet with the links provided in each section.

Dream Project Teacher Training - Date to be Announced - $35.00 - Buy Now

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