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Everyone has their heroes,role models,personal angels, and soul servers... But Kelly happens to be mine all combined :) It feels as if it was only yesterday June 14,2012 when I first met her... I was touched by her way of words in which, was inspiring and motivational that triggered a sense of purpose and passion in my heart. I'll always be greatful for such a life-changing encounterment.

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Comment by Kelly S Walden on April 24, 2013 at 8:01am

Mariah! I just saw what you wrote! 

Your passion, enthusiasm, spirit, and soul inspires me beyond what I've ever known. 

YOU are a natural born leader, with a mission on this planet. I pass the torch to you, amazing Mariah!

I feel soooooo blessed to have met you...Grace, Kristina, Mrs. Conde...and the entire Dream Project Club.

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