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The Dream Project has once again picked me up by my collar, shaken me up, and taken the Dream Project team on another adventure. As I write this I am a little woozy from my recent trip to Central America where my Dream Project team and I met with the government of Honduras. While we were there in this tropical climate, we met with the Interim President, the newly inaugurated President, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Catholic Arch Bishop, the… Continue

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Peace Pilgrim

PEACE PILGRIM-This woman was amazing---what an inspiration!

PEACE PILGRIM had an impact on people as she walked joyfully across the country that will never be adequately expressed. She awakened and inspired many thousands during her twenty-eight year pilgrimage for peace. Those she touched in a personal way carry very special memories--talking, laughing, walking together; listening to pilgrimage stories over the dinner table or while driving her… Continue

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Special appeal from Oxfam America Ambassador Scarlett Johansson

Click here to watch a special appeal from Oxfam America Ambassador Scarlett Johansson…


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Today is Martin Luther King Day!

Watch Martin Luther King's "I HAVE A DREAM" speach:

What is your dream?

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Helping Haiti

With a natural disaster...a 7.0 earthquake, which the Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive said a that the number of deaths could be "well over 100,000 people...leaving many more injured." What can we, the students, teachers, and administrators involved with the Dream Project do to help?

"This is a time when we are reminded of the common humanity we all share," Obama said in televised remarks from the White House this morning.… Continue

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Kindness taught in Seattle school's online class

ELLEN M. BANNER / THE SEATTLE TIMES Andy Smallman, co-founder of Puget Sound Community School in Seattle,

looks out from his office behind a school logo. He teaches the

school's online class in kindness.

Seattle Times education reporter

If you recently found a shiny gold dollar coin in downtown Bellevue,

thank the kindness class. Ditto if you stumbled upon a piece of glass

art in Pioneer Square, or a lottery ticket… Continue

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Dissertation buy or not to buy-that is the question?

The pressure of writing a dissertation is most monstrous and unimaginable. Due to inability to handle the ginormous task on their own and deadly threatening time constraint, many people decide to buy a dissertation.

It is neither an easy task to decide where to buy dissertation from nor ask for an advice on it. Judgmental as advisors may be, they regard buying dissertation online unethical which is… Continue

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New York, 25 November 2009

In the ten years since the General Assembly designated 25 November as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the circle of engagement has widened. More groups and individuals, including men and boys,… Continue

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The Dream Project comes to Santa Fe! Check out Ceryn-dipity...our future president!

Check out this video...this is Ceryn, doing what she does every Saturday...she won't rest until the MDGs are all fulfilled!

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Ceryn's Daily Rant: Admirable

It so bugs when people call me admirable. not that they don't have good intentions, but for me admirable is other, something that is behind a wall. the truth is that anyone can do anything, anything at all! even my parents feel that Jane Goodall is admirable or other. not that she does not deserve all the respect in the whole world, and that she worked hard for years. and... any one can do what they believe in and should. if you think women should be… Continue

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Dana and I filmed a twelve-year-old girl, Ceryn, this last weekend at the Artist's Market in Santa Fe, NM. She is the new Executive Director of the Youth Advisory Board. I have never met a person more passionate to change the world than this girl. She truly blows my mind. She's been making crafts (jewelry, framed photographs, bookmarks, and herb pouches to raise money for… Continue

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World Peace Walk---get your walking shoes on!

World March for Peace and Nonviolence 2009-2010

Circling the globe in 90 days

The Great March will begin in New Zealand, the easternmost country on Earth, touring 90 countries on the 6 continents, covering a distance of 99,419 miles (160,000 kilometers) by land, sea and air, and concluding three months later in Chile/Argentina, the countries furthest to the west in the Southern Hemisphere. All modes of transport will be used: 40 train… Continue

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Non-Violence in a Violent World---by Kurt Heyl

A Talk Given by Dario Ergas on July 18th, 2009, to The Laura Rodriguez Foundation

Nonviolence in a Violent World

This is a difficult subject, I ask in my interior for inspiration to surround these words and our understanding.

What is the problem? If I am attacked, if I am criticized, and if I am subjected to any form of aggression, how can I defend myself without violence? How can I restrain a force if I do… Continue

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Invisible People

Check out --giving a voice to the voiceless...presently on a road trip around america to document real homeless lives.

Dennis from on…


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Dream Project in Paris @ UNESCO

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Peace Worldwide Starts from Inside

" target="_blank">

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Amazing Franklin High Students!!!

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The Dream Project - Celerity

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Kids Are Changing the World


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