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Dream Project Teacher Training this WEDNESDAY!

Question: How do you capture young people’s interest, strengthen leadership, reinforce personal and group initiative, raise self-esteem, and encourage students to become active and engaged learners, while achieving state-mandated standards and outcomes?

Answer: The Dream Project: a standards-based educational program that encourages young people to create solutions for local and global problems in and experiential learning environment. The Dream Project focuses young minds on achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

JOIN US THIS WEDNESDAY (August 25th, from 9-4pm) in Los Angeles for our next Dream Project Teacher Training.

Are you a teacher, school administrator, concerned parent, youth leader, or someone who is simply interested in empowering young people?

Join us at the Teacher Training this Wednesday! RSVP ASAP

(323) 893-3028

You will learn:

In this training teachers will discover

*A new template to capture student’s attention, passion, and enthusiasm.

*Strategies that engage students to become responsible, socially-aware role models in the classroom, school and surrounding communities.

*A context that adds relevance to standards-based education. *Engaging activities that don’t require extensive preparation.

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