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Auston Chavez is a 9th grader at Franklin High School.  Auston was one of the lucky students to be in Mrs Conde's Health Class, in which the Dream Project is an integrated part.


At the recent Success Fair at Franklin, I got to meet Auston and several hundred other Dream Project students that literally took my breath away.


Auston patiently waited until I spoke to all the other students.  He couldn't wait to tell me about the effect the Dream Project had on him. Even though his poster board was amazing, he expressed that he felt a bit bummed that he hadn't done more.  He said I want to share this program with more kids, in Florida and Kansas (apparently he has connections there).


Here's our recent exchange here on the Dream Project website:



Dear Kelly,

Right now I'm trying to get together a group to volunteer at Shakey's and I'v talked to somebody who can talk about Hiv and Aid for when we do the community project we've talked about and I'm also writting some play's for next year, I'm planning on writting a play for each goal for the dream project. 




Dear Auston!


I am so impressed with your passion for this project.  I thought the group that presented the rap about goal #6 (combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria & Other Major Diseases) did an incredible job.  Maybe they can participate in this project with you.


You are writing a play??? That is amazing!  Please keep me posted about your progress with this.  A play is an excellent way to entertain and educate.  You are very wise and creative!  Keep up the great work! 


Thank you!




This is just a taste of what its like to be a part of the Dream Project and interact with these passionate students that truly want to make a difference in the world, in their communities, and in their own lives.  

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