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Here's a follow up from David Lane from ONE.ORG:

Over the past three weeks, you and more than 40,000 other ONE members signed our petition and asked President Obama to deliver on his powerful pledge from last year: to present a plan for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) before September's United Nation's Summit in New York City. And today, I have an important update to share.President Obama followed through on his pledge. On Friday, he released a new plan that spelled out how the United States will work to achieve the MDGs—eight poverty-fighting goals that will save lives and provide economic opportunity for millions—by 2015. Read more about the plan here.

Together, we advocated successfully for an MDG plan that stressed the importance of good governance, promoted economic growth and called for results. I was encouraged to see many of these themes included in the US plan and we should thank President Obama for delivering on his promise. We should also feel proud to know that our work made a difference, and that the US is taking a real lead on the MDGs. But we can't forget that there's still a lot of hard work to do. We must make sure that the US acts on its new plan to tackle both the MDGs and broader development issues. We must urge other countries to commit to do their part at the September UN Summit. We must continue to let our leaders know that we support these goals and the hope, health, security and opportunity they offer to the world's poorest people.On Friday, we took an important step forward in achieving these eight lifesaving goals.

Now let's make sure we keep the momentum going. We'll continue to provide updates about the MDG Summit in September in the weeks ahead. Thank you again for all of your hard work—and stay tuned!

David Lane

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