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Dear Kelly,

Greetings from Texas! How are things going? I'm sure you are continuing to do amazing and life changing work with the Dream Project! I love checking out the website and keeping up with the blog. All the students' blog posts give me such a happy feeling!

I’ve just returned from two years serving in the US Peace Corps in Mali, West Africa, and this transition home has led me to think about my next step, and also to reflect on the different life experiences which have brought me to this point.

Working with you on the Dream Project was my first big step on the path to following my dreams and realizing that what I truly wanted to do was work with an organization that makes a difference, like the Dream Project does. Thanks to you I had the chance to get hands on, real world experience and learn from watching you joyfully and fearlessly lead the organization as I did this. It both excited and inspired me to see how much could come from just one idea, from "a dreamer who does." I’ve now decided that I’d like to focus on human rights in law school, and afterward continue on to a career working in international human rights. Not only did my experiences with the Dream Project greatly influence my decision to study human rights law, they helped shape the person I am. I know that learning about a curriculum and adapting it to the situation at hand, helping run large-scale Dream Project events and activities, and actually standing up in front of a class for the first time and gaining the confidence to speak and actively engage with the students will all be invaluable assets to me in any international rights work I do in the future. Both the experience I gained in leadership, the close relationships I formed with the students, and your own courage and wisdom have been significant forces in inspiring me to pursue law in hopes of working for the preservation of human rights.

I'd always somehow felt I wanted to pursue a career which would change the world for the better, but during my year with you and the Dream Project that became a passion. It was then I knew I wanted to go to law school. As someone who saw me through this transition period and played such a large role in it, I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done to help bring me to this point!

Very truly yours,
Amanda G Addison

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