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One of the things I love most about doing the Dream Project is when students learn about the fact that there are so many young people their age that are denied an education either because they are poor or are female. Learning that education is a privilege gives the students an undeniable appreciation for school.

Check out this poem by Carlos Rojo from Franklin High School (Mrs. Conde's class):

Universal Education

We all need a good education
It is the rock of our foundation
The foundation we need to succeed

It will not fall from the sky
Nor will it leave you with you a simple goodbye
An education will allow you to excel in college
And your dreams will not be denied
Once you have a taste of knowledge
Your hunger will never be satisfied

And it all starts with four walls and a yearning
That's all you need to start learning
And pretty soon you'll start earning
The rewards of your hard work

But not everyone can reach their full potential
And that's where we step in with our credentials
To either share our knowledge or share our dreams
To do our part is all just seems

As a universal goal with all children in mind
In their first lessons they all will find
How different life could be with an education

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