The Dream Project

Resources for MDG 8 (Develop A Global Partnership for Development)

Fact: The poorest countries cannot achieve goals 1-7 without more and better quality aid, trade opportunities, and debt relief from rich countries. 

On average, tariffs placed by rich countries on imported goods are 4 times higher for developing countries than they are for other developed countries.  Agricultural subsidies in rich countries are many times higher than the official development assistance they provide to poor countries than they are for other developed countries.


Reduce tariffs and debt for Least Developed Countries and Heavily Indebted Poor Countries.

Increase aid to Least Developed Countries.

Increase jobs for youth.

Bridge the digital divide. 


The Shift Movie Preview:

Do Something:


End Poverty 2015:

Hear Me Now Video (about micro-lending):

Peace One Day (about planetary peace/ceasefire for one single day:


Muhammad Yunus-Father of Micro-Credit:

The Green Children:

Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa, 

served 27 years in prison,and ultimately helped to apartheid, resulting in a multi-racial democracy in South Africa.:

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